Installation shots of *pinch* to zoom, 2023

Beatrice Vorster and Elli Antoniou.
Generation and Display
Curated by Amelie Mckee.

triple axel, 2023
E.A. & B.V.
mild steel structure, mild steel plates, love letter stickers, magnets, work lamps, photograph

mixtape4, 2023
digital print, pasted

SenseOfRelief [NeutralAngels], 2023
digital print, pasted

warmest wishes, 2023
mild steel plate, custom wall bracket, hair pin

unreliable bodies (phenomena 1981), 2023
aluminum vent, dissassembled gif

sound design by tape_2046

photorgaphy Joanna Wierzbicka

Anna, 2023
HD, full colour and sound, 4.03 min
A collaboration for sound with tape_2046

the film was projected during the closing event Love Letters, with live sound by tpae_2046, Anna Clegg, and mixtape by Nanzhen Yang

*pinch* to zoom

* pinch * to zoom presents an ongoing collaboration between Beatrice Vorster and Elli Antoniou, who have been long-time friends and studio companions.The nature of their working process makes it virtually impossible for them to be in the studio simultaneously: B’s sound-based practise requires attentive listening, whilst E’s process is supported by a loud
compressor. So, B would work in the mornings, and E would work at night. Both of their works are infused with each other’s delayed presence; a series of imagined love letters between friends and collaborators. Their collaborative process involves gentle mark making, with their imagery resurfacing in each other’s pieces through digital extrusion and
glitchy repetitions. The works embrace decay, the slow erosion of material flux. Both are concerned with
transformation of matter: presenting the parallel of adolescent metamorphosis with the shifting status of metal. The central modular system, triple axel (2023), draws together these fictions and presents a site. The gallery space is reimagined as a public square - the site of encounters, of spending time, of loitering, of making your mark and reading traces of others. It is where teenagers spend time outside of domestic or school spaces. Where metals rust and glass scratches. These
sediments of public spaces presented as layers washing over each other revealing varying stages of decay and accumulation as they fall in and out of synch.

Private view 16th September 6:30 - 9:30pm
Exhibition 17th September - 1st October 2023
Special Event 30th September 6 - 9pm

Works by Beatrice Vorster & Elli Antoniou
Curated by Amélie Mckee
Supported by The Elephant Trust

Exhibition text by Amlie Mckee