locust moulting, 2023

Stainless steel, 595 x 840 x 1.2 mm

Installation shots Al Dente: A Feast for the Senses, 2023

curated by Edoardo Monti
Berntson Bhattacherjeee Gallery, London

The exhibition shines a spotlight on the creative endeavours of twelve artists who recently completed a month-long residency at his prestigious Palazzo Monti residency in Brescia, Italy.

Exhibited artists: Hiva Alizadeh, Elli Antoniou, Andrea Bocca, Bea Bonafini, Thomas De Falco, Kirsten Deirup, John Fou, David Gardner, Delphine Hennelly, Eliza Hopewell, Madeleine Roger-Lacan, and Hannah Tilson.