Installation shots of Ring[TheMemoriesStayWitUs], 2021.

Mild steel square tubes, mild steel sheets, motion sensored lights, magnets, 250x140x240 cm.

Hypertrophy, 2021.
Mild steel sheet, custom wall stand, 20x2x40cm. (wall piece)

Installation view, Scenes of Inclination, cur. Akis Kokkinos,  Manor Place, London, U.K., 2021.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Scenes of Inclination

Curated by Akis Kokkinos

Scenes of Inclination is a group show presenting newly-produced and unseen works of thirteen artists at Manor Place. The exhibition presents feminist and queer sculptural interventions questioning standing as a state in the current post-graduate, (post) pandemic, post-Brexit environment in which the artists find themselves.

Scenes of Inclination proposes diverse and polyphonic narratives around infrastructural conditions, expanding our understanding of our structural and functional bodily entanglements. Human and non-human, absent and present, physical and etheric, strong and vulnerable, are all embodied experiences that start losing ground.

Manor Place- a landmark building for the communities of Walworth- has always been a place for the common in the surrounded area. Built in the 1890s, the monumental space has been transformed over the years into public baths, a boxing hub, a Buddhist centre, and a recycling depot reflecting a state of constant transition. The desire of the space to perform in an attempt to support those in need together with its ability to redefine spatial perception allows the presented works to lose autonomy and reassess noetic axis of truths.

The artists dig into Manor Place's histories, unearth traces of the past, interfere with its ruins and current state, and propose reciprocal and parasitic gestures as a result of living and creating together. Scenes of Inclination unfolds new subjective, horizontal and collaborative models, alternative perspectives on the self and the other, and champions vulnerability, interdependency, and exposure.

The title of the exhibition derives from the Italian philosopher and feminist Adriana Cavarero, who proposes inclination as an act of resistance against the dominant, patriarchal, and vertical order.
Participants | Ellie Antoniou, Camilla Bliss, Solanne Bernard, Oliver Collins, Simone Eisele, Tamir Elrich & Noy Haimovitz, Alexei Alexander Izmaylov, Akis Kokkinos (exhibition curator), Flore Mycek, Oisín O’Brien, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Mu Tian, Ker Wallwork, Nanzhen Yang.


Exhibition text by Akis Kokkinos