Installation views, Excursion II, 2023
The Split Gallery, London, U.K.

Participating artists:
Elli Antoniou 
Marco Bizzarri 
Sonya Derviz
Timothy Hon Hung Lee
Xiaochi Dong

Photography credits Morgan Wyn
Courtesy of The Split Gallery

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Image 1: glimmer in the absorbent; a desire for luminosity and the manipulation of night, 2022
Treated mild steel, mirror polish stainless steel, custom wall stands, 700 x 700 x300 mm

Image 2,3: BONDING, 2022
Treated mild steel, direct onto mdeia UV print, magnet, custom wall fixing, 800x 900 x 1.2 mm

image 4: DarkNight, 2021
Treated mild steel, magnet, custom-made wall fixing,  130 x 240x 1.2 mm

image 5: [left to right] SteelLife, 2021
Treated mild steel, 2x magnets, custom-made wall fixings,  200 x 425 x 2 mm

Pack, 2022
Acrylic on linen, 500 x 760 mm
Marco Bizzari

image6 6:
LMB, 2020
treated mild steel, custom-made wall fixing, part of
laptop trackpad, 160 x 355 x 30 mm, 2020